Help us celebrate women in science as we work to #BreakTheBias

Women in science are having a huge impact on the world.

With their dedication, passion, and spirit they inspire the world as well as the next generation of future scientists. However, there’s still a long road ahead to ensuring female scientists are equally represented and recognized for their work. We are committed to this journey.

Here are a few of our webinars that feature some of the most influential women in our sector and their contributions to mark this important day in our calendar.

We hope you'll enjoy them, and if you'd like to get involved with future events, please reach out to


  • Immunometabolism: Fundamentals to prospective new therapies

    Explore recent insights into immunometabolism with Evanna Mills, Ana Domingos, and two selected short talks from early careers

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  • Cell therapies: Supercharging the immune system

    Tune in as Maike de la Roche and Deborah Moore-Lai discuss new directions in immuno-oncology.

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  • Spotlight on Neuroscience: Prenatal Neurogenesis

    Dr. Debra Silver, Dr. Georgia Quadrato and Dr. Noelle Dwyer provide insight into embryonic brain development.

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  • Cell Cycle Conference

    Keynote speaker Orna Cohen-Fix concludes this exciting conference with her talk on the first mitosis

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  • Knockout validation for research reproducibility

    Hanna Dreja, Ph.D. discusses how we can harness the power of knockout validation.

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  • Meiotic Matchmaking

    Professor Abby Dernburg talks through how chromosomes recognize their homologs.

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