Western blot quiz

Test your knowledge. Do you know your western blot?

Question 1. Which sample can serve as a positive control for antibody binding in a western blot experiment?
Question 2. What is the first step of each western blot protocol?
Question 3. Why should you use a loading control for your western blot?
Question 4. Why do we need a protein transfer step in western blot?
Question 5. If your western blot has no or weak bands, which troubleshooting tip should you try?
Question 6. If your western blot has a high background or more bands than expected, which troubleshooting tip should you try?
Question 7. What is the main advantage of fluorescent detection in western blot compared to chemiluminescent?
Question 8. What can be the reason for you to get the western blot band sizes different from what expected?
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