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Get to the root of Alzheimer's disease with our interactive pathway detailing some of the pathological processes involved in disease development.

Alzheimer's disease is classically characterized by misfolded aggregates of Aß and tau proteins, forming plaques and tangles in the brain. However, emerging evidence indicates that neuroinflammation, mediated by activated glial cells, may also play a fundamental role in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis. Consequently, understanding the interplay between the immune and nervous systems might be the key to prevention or delay of neurodegenerative diseases.

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Visualize key proteins and processes in Alzheimer’s disease:

  • APP, Aβ, tau and other key proteins

    Explore the relationships between key proteins involved in AD through our pathway

  • Amyloid plaques formation

    Follow the process of amyloid plaque formation

  • ROS involvement

    Learn how reactive oxygen species (ROS) are linked to tau hyperphosphorylation

  • Calcium signaling

    Trace the link between Aβ, calcium influx and ROS