“For me, Pride is about my child not feeling afraid to share who they are with peers”

Nissa (She/Her)
Project Management, Cambridge UK

“Pride to me is celebrating the LGBTQ+ trailblazers before us and how they fought for us to live free today”

Connor (He/Him)
Marketing, Cambridge UK

“For me, Pride is about love, equality and solidarity”

Miguela (She/Her)
Diversity & Inclusion, Cambridge UK

Frances (She/Her)

“Pride to me means accepting all parts of yourself and being as authentic as possible no matter what environment you're in”

Nick (He/Him)

“Pride means standing tall, being your whole self and helping others do the same”

Eleanor (She/Her)

“For me, it is standing the best you can for everyone's right to be their full selves”

Karen (She/Her)

“Pride is bringing your authentic self to work”

Nikki (She/Her)

“Pride is not feeling you have to hide a part of who you are, where you can share and learn from each other’s experiences”

Elliot (He/Him)

“For me Pride is important in championing diversity and inclusion for all”

Danilo (He/Him)

“For me Pride means to be seen. To be recognized and celebrated for who I am”

Christina (She/Her)

“Pride is about providing an inclusive environment for my children where they can safely express themselves”

John (He/Him)

“Pride means the whole team being free to be their whole selves”

Alex (He/Him)

“To me, Pride is the universal acceptance of everyone being their truest selves”

Hannah (She/Her)

“For me, Pride is about love. For ourselves and for others, in all of our wonderful variety”

Asher (He/They)

“Pride means the assurance I can honestly, unabashedly, and truly be myself”